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Vascular Center

Your health is close to our heart.

Listen – analyse – targeted therapy.

What is vascular medicine?
Vascular Medicine or Angiology is a part of internal medicine. It specializes in the detection of all circulatory diseases outside of your heart, which includes diseases of the arteries, meaning the vascular system leading away from the heart and of the veins and lymphatic vessels, the vascular system leading back to the heart.

We favor non-invasive examination methods, for example ultrasound or sensor examination and minimal-invasive treatments which can be performed without anesthesia and on an out-patient basis.

The Bayerische Landesärztekammer has granted our vascular Centre permission to offer training in the fields of angiology (vascular medicine) and phlebology (vein medicine). Which is certified according to DIN EN SO 9001:2015.

Doctors and Nurses:
We’ll look after your vessels.

Care characterised by competence and warmth.

Every member of our team works with the best conscience and know how and share the principles of consulting patients with care and as minimal-invasively as possible.

The doctors in our vascular center are specialized in vascular medicine and have the licenses to conduct advanced training in angiology.

The goal is your quick recovery.

You are our focus.

The causes of vascular diseases can be very different. We’ll list the most common diseases here. If any symptoms apply to you: you should go and clarify it with a vascular specialist.


Because the following steps will result in a successful therapy:


Step 1: Diagnostics

Before every examination, the patient portrays their medical condition.

Zu Diagnostics


Step 2: Therapy

The medical condition of the patient and the connected troubles to the quality of life as well as the degree and the kind of disease will affect further the approach and the therapy.

Zu Therapy


Step 3: Follow-up care

To ensure an effective therapy, follow-up examinations are essential.

Just play it safe

Get a check up!

As cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death, we suggest a checkup examination, particularly if you have risk factors. Even if these already are being treated, it would still be useful.

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