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The Basis of all Diagnoses is a well structured and comprehensive medical dialogue, to evaluate the ailment as well as the patient’s medical history. For the medical examination, the doctor will pay attention to any skin alterations, pulse abnormalities and conspicuous murmurs.

Other examinations for venous diseases include color-coded duplex sonography, light reflection rheography, venous congestion plethysmography and venous pressure measurements.

Further methods to test the function of the arterial circulatory system are the ankle-brachial index measured with a Doppler ultrasonic probe, oscillography, treadmill ergometry and microscopic Capillary examination.

Apart from the provocation tests in case of load-dependent leg pain, compartment pressure measurements can be carried out. In the circumstance of congenital vascular diseases, the ultrasound examination will be complemented with a contrast agent. To complete the examinations from above, especially for special cases e.g., before catheter interventions, radiologic Examinations (MRI-angiography or CT-angiography) are conducted.

The medical care of Patients with vascular diseases also includes the attendance of risk factors as for example high blood fat levels, high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus. Cigarette consumption should also be discontinued. All necessary blood examination can be carried out in the medical practice.


Vascular diseases can have any one of an array of causes. Our Vascular Centre combines the experience and competence of 13 doctors with decades of professional experience in their fields.



Our approach to therapy: “Minimally invasive – maximally gentle”. Thanks to the latest treatment methods, open surgery can be avoided in most cases.

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